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We are your one stop shop for efficient HR Support. We deliver a practical and flexible approach to meeting your Human Resources needs. The services we provide allows you to focus primarily on managing and growing your business. Our Team is comprised of expert consultants who have several years of experience in Human Resources. With every issue or concern that arises, our consultants have excellent knowledge to share with you to resolve the matter. With the appropriate guidance and support, we will meet your HR needs together. Our consultants are dedicated and passionate in their pursuit to help provide the HR solutions your company needs.
Email: / New York, NY / Phone: 929-398-5637


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Let us help you make you make your business a success The services we provide are aimed to help your business grow and thrive through enhancement with the help of exceptional HR support. We offer free consultations to help identify opportunities for improvement. The services we provide can help you:
  •  Avoid costly fines for failure to comply with Federal and State employment laws
  •  Ensure your company is staffed with qualified and talented individuals that can take your business to the next level
  •  Improve and enhance your relationship with your staff thru consistent staff management
  •  Efficiently manage your benefit offerings
  •  Support continuous staff development thru training

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1. CONSULTATION Contact us for your free Consultation. One of our HR Consultants will meet with you individually and assess your current HR needs.
2. ASSESSMENT REPORT Your Consultant will prepare an assessment report based on your meeting which will include recommendations for services.
3. IMPLEMENTATION Your Consultant will implement the agreed upon services in accordance with the calendar of services the two of you develop.
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Principal HR Solutions, Inc.

276 Fifth Avenue, Suite 704-229 / NY, NY 10001 / USA / 929-398-5637

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