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The ultimate goal of our company is to provide the most efficient and effective HR support services to your business. We will add value to your business by delivering substantive and enduring results so that you can focus on managing and growing your business.
Principal HR Solutions Inc. offers the following services:


Adherence to Federal and State Employment laws is critical to the overall success of a company. Failing to comply with employment laws could result in your business having to pay significant penalties and fees. Use your money to grow your business and let us help you be compliant.

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Employees are a company’s greatest asset. A company’s reputation is often dependent on the level of knowledge and service provided by employees, which makes hiring a candidate who is the right fit critically important. Let us help you attract premiere talent.

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A healthy Employer-Employee relationship is essential to the development and growth of a business. When Supervisors/Managers communicate to employees effectively and employees are treated in a manner that is fair and consistent, high productivity and growth can be realized.

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Benefits are a significant part of an employee’s compensation package. Therefore, the establishment and management of employee benefit programs is very important. We can assist you in the administration of the following benefit programs:

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Adequate training ensures that employees are developing professionally and performing their job responsibilities in a manner that is safe and compliant with Federal and State Employment Laws.

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Principal HR Solutions, Inc.

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